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Convincing yourself that you’re happy is the one thing people have always told me to do. But one thing that I have learned the passed year is to be honest with yourself and to be honest with the people around you. It’s like I’ve been through hell and back with different relationships, but I always seemed to convince myself that I was actually happy and loved by my significant other. It seems like every day I’m caught thinking the same thing, why did I ever think I was different and why did I ever think you were different also. I don’t think I’ve ever come face-to-face with my emotions and if I have it’s been little by little and not much thought put into it and this is where I do. I’m putting it all on paper in which some people will read, some will skim through and some will even relate. It’s like we’re all put into one situation where it seems like constant hell and you put so much time and effort trying to let go and to get over it but nothing seems to work. You try to convince yourself that maybe this one person will be different from previous relationships and they will treat you the way you treat them or the way that you want to be treated. It’s like the first month or so knowing them or being with them that you believe that this person might be the one to completely sweep you off your feet. But you’re wrong. They tell you the all the right things and things that you would like to hear but never the honest truth. Sometimes it’s nice, but in the end you won’t thank them for telling you things you would like to hear, you’ll thank them for being honest. You’re falling in love with someone’s lies and not someone’s true self. I can’t explain how much the truth would have helped me move on from the situation I’m in, it’s been five long months and it still lingers through my head and keeps me up half the night in tears while she’s cuddled up next to the girl she says “I love you” to every night. She sleeps perfectly fine. It’s like she has the world in her hands but doesn’t comprehend how her lies and her actions physically and mentally hurt a person and can keep hurting a person. It has caused so much damage that we believe that we will never find anyone who will actually treat us properly and we assume that how we have been treated is how we deserve to always be treated. We don’t allow ourselves to open up to anyone and we push away the people who might in the end be that right person and the person to pick up our pieces, not intentionally, but because she actually does truly love you and truly does care about you. And the worst thing is we can’t even get proper closure. We want to keep that person in our lives because in the end we’re still in love with them, then we push them away because we remember all the bad things they’ve done to you. We try and convince ourselves that maybe they did truly love you, or they did truly care about you and it’s like an ongoing battle with yourself. But with all the damage that has been done to you, the one thing you have to remember is that things will get better. There will be scents in the air, a song that comes on the radio, a piece of clothing that you put on or even the lonely night that will remind you of them. But, it does take time and you just also have to remember that people who mistreat you, will never ever, ever understand how much they hurt you because they are self-consumed, you can’t hate them because that’s who they are and they they won’t change in which you cannot blame them for, you just have to find a way to become indifferent. But always remember that someone WILL come along and WILL sweep you off your feet and WILL actually truly love you to pieces. They will give you the world, but it just takes time. my thoughts on breakups (via skaterparadise)

(via skaterparadise)

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